Editorial process

Internal review

Once an article has been received, it is evaluated internally by an editor-in-chief associate who oversees the first reading based on several criteria: the word count, the relevance of the topic to the legal field, the structure and the presentation of the article as well as the quality of the research and the use of language. 

External review

If the article is internally approved, it will be sent to two experts in law who will both provide recommendations on how to improve the argumentative body of the article, the quality of the research, the style and the presentation of the text, the grasp of the area of law that is discussed in the article and the relevance of the author’s ideas to the chosen topic. The Editorial Committee makes the final selection based on both evaluations and requires the editing of the article where deemed necessary.  


The article that is accepted for publication undergoes a final scientific (format and accuracy of footnotes) and linguistic review. At this step, our team’s rigorous evaluation process is a major determinant of the success of each issue. 


Once the page formatting has been finalized, all that is left to do is await the uploading of the issue!